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WFP Leaders' Dinner - Davos 2009

Davos 09: TNT's Peter Bakker at WFP's Leader's Dinner

TNT, the global courier company and one of WFP's largest corporate partners, is the official sponsor of the WFP Tent in Davos. TNT's Chief Executive Officer Peter Bakker welcomed guests to the event.

Davos 09: Kofi Annan at WFP's Leaders' Dinner

Kofi Annan, now head of Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), challenged the assembled leaders to fund sustainable solutions to the problems faced by the world's one billion hungry people. In the current economic crisis billions are being found to help the financial sector, he noted.

Davos 09: H.E. Abdullah Ahmed Zainal Alireza, Minister of Commerce and Industry of Saudi Arabia

WFP Executive Director Josette Sheeran announced that the "Champion in the Battle Against Hunger, 2008" award would go to His Royal Highness King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The award was received by the King's representative H.E. Abdullah Ahmed Zainal Alireza, Minister of Commerce and Industry of Saudi Arabia.

Davos 09: H.E. Abdullah Ahmed Zainal Alireza

H.E. Abdullah Ahmed Zainal Alireza, Minister of Commerce and Industry of Saudi Arabia, accepted the award on behalf of the King. In 2008, when the food price crisis threw more than 75 million more people into the ranks of the hungry, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia responded rapidly with a $500 million donation to help WFP deliver food to those most in need.

Davos 09: Valerie Jarrett at WFP's Leader's Dinner

Valerie Jarrett emphasized the U.S. administration's interest in working with WFP and the entire humanitarian community, along with business, governments and civil society, to find innovative solutions to hunger and malnutrition around the globe. Jarret is Assistant to the President for Intergovernmental Relations and Public Liaison, in the office of President Barak Obama.

Davos 09: Arthur Cua Yap at WFP Leaders' Dinner

Philippine Secretary of Agriculture Arthur Cua Yap said that investment in agriculture is vital to ensure global food security. He called for a global food reserve to be set up by a neutral international agency, to stabilize the global price of rice.

Davos 09: Douglas Alexander

"Governments have a responsibility and we must accept that role," said Douglas Alexander, Secretary of State for International Development for the United Kingdom. He emphasized the need to invest in agriculture and highlighted the inspiration he received from speaking to people at a WFP food distribution site in

Davos 09: Simon Maxwell at WFP's Leaders' Dinner

Simon Maxwell, Director of the Overseas Development Institute, predicted that hunger emergencies will increasingly be caused by 'sudden onset' crises such as natural disasters provoked by climate change. "The Role of humanitarian NGOs and agencies will need to change to work more with existing institutions, local markets, purchasing from farmers," he said.

Davos 09: Carl Bildt at WFP's Leaders' Dinner

Carl Bildt, Foreign Minister of Sweden, said: "We need
quick thinking, responsive institutions. WFP will be with us for a
very long time. Our task is to make you less in demand. "

Davos 09: Rajiv Shah at WFP's Leaders' Dinner

Rajiv Shah, Director of Agriculture Development for the
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. "How do you put WFP out of business?
The only way is investment in Agriculture."

At the end of day 2 of Davos 2009, WFP held a Leaders' Dinner. As part of the menu, guests sampled CSB, a highly nutritious blend of corn and soya enriched with vitamins and minerals that is part of WFP supplementary feeding programmes. (Photos by Rein Skullerud, text by Emilia Casella)