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Dancing for Nutrition in Tanzania

Advocacy for nutrition

WFP Tanzania, in partnership with the Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre (TFNC) and MuDA Africa, organised a series of unannounced public dance performances in markets across Dar es Salaam to convey key nutrition messages to the general public.

“Healthy Eating for a Better Life”

The energetic 15-minute performance drew a large crowd as dancers promoted the message: “Healthy Eating for a Better Life”, wearing T-shirts with the slogan.

Healthy vs unhealthy

Part of the performance saw the dancers splitting into two groups – a “strong” team and a “weak” team, depicting the effect of hunger and poor nutrition on a person’s body and mind.

Tackling undernutrition

The dancers illustrated undernutrition by acting weak and lethargic. Today, Tanzania has the third highest number of stunted under-five year olds in sub-Saharan Africa.

The power of food

This image shows Mabibo banana market. This dancer had a surge of energy after being fed nutritious foods by his friends.

Crowd-pleasing moves

Journalists were present, and the crowd visibly enjoyed the dancers’ energetic and acrobatic moves.

Smiling until the end

The team finished each dance with a smile, shouting the message “Healthy Eating for a Better Life!”

Broadcasting the message

Dancer Edwin took to the megaphone after each performance, communicating to the public the importance of having a balanced diet.

Sharing nutritional information

Following each performance, the team distributed leaflets with nutritional information. The leaflet explains the benefits of healthy eating and gives examples of indigenous Tanzanian food.

“I wanted to share this important information with the public”

Dancer Kelvin explained to WFP what this performance meant to him: “In Tanzania, sometimes people don’t eat very healthy foods. We get sick and we don’t know why. I was happy to join this dance, and help give this important information to the public. The audience seemed to enjoy it a lot and we definitely had fun performing.”

Final performance

The team poses with the WFP banner after the final performance in Mabibo banana market.

On 9 October, WFP Tanzania, in collaboration with the Tanzania Food and Nutrition Centre (TFNC) and music and dance training centre MuDA Africa, launched a series of surprise public dance performances in Dar es Salaam. Four dances were held at various busy city centre markets.The performances were organized as a means of drawing attention to the problem of undernutrition in the country.