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Coping with drought in Ethiopia's Somali region

In the south eastern part of Ethiopia, bordering the country of Somalia, lies Ethiopia's Somali region which is home to over 4 million people.

Ethiopia/Somali Region Drought 1

Most are pastoralist though some also grow a small amount of crops.

Ethiopia/Somali Region Drought 2

Traditionally this area is dry and relies heavily on seasonal rains.

Ethiopia/Somali Region Drought 3

But the lack of these rains at the end of 2010 has resulted in drought.

Ethiopia/Somali Region Drought 4

There is extra pressure on existing water supplies as many inhabitants have been forced to seek out water holes for household needs...

Ethiopia/Somali Region Drought 5 well as for their livestock.

Ethiopia/Somali Region Drought 6

For some the water source is a trek of six hours - and then six hours back.

Ethiopia/Somali Region Drought 7

And due to the limited amount that can be carried, this journey is made every other day.

Ethiopia/Somali Region Drought 8

The few crops grown have failed and with livestock weakening, more than a million people in this region will require food assistance to get them through the coming months.

Ethiopia/Somali Region Drought 9

With the help of donations from KWF in Germany, WFP has been able to reach quickly to this emergency situation.

Ethiopia/Somali Region Drought 10

By working together with the local government and residents, WFP ensures that the most needy communities are targeted.

Ethiopia/Somali Region Drought 11

And within those communities the food is received by the most vulnerable, such as the elderly...

Ethiopia/Somali Region Drought 12

...and the young.

Ethiopia/Somali Region Drought 13

The food received through WFP has made a vital difference to so many people's lives.

Ethiopia/Somali Region Drought 14

The failure of seasonal rains has caused a drought in the Somali region of Ethiopia.