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Food And Safety After Fleeing DR Congo

Congolese in Uganda 1

Congolese asylum seekers arrive at Nyakabande transit centre in Uganda, fleeing war and violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). By mid-June, hundreds of Congolese were arriving daily

Congolese in Uganda 2

Congolese asylum seekers fight for space on a police truck to Nyakabande. While some Congolese walk to Nyakabande, others wait at the border where police picks them up.

Congolese in Uganda 3

Some 22,000 Congolese have entered Uganda this year from neighbouring DRC. Some have fled armed insurgents, others have come in fear of attacks by thugs taking advantage of insecurity in eastern DRC.

Congolese in Uganda 4

Congolese asylum seekers line up for a hot meal prepared from WFP rations. WFP ensures they eat something on arrival as they often lack the space and wherewithal to cook for themselves.

Congolese in Uganda 5

The asylum seekers receive WFP porridge. For most of them, this food is their first full hot meal after days on the run.

Congolese in Uganda 6

Most asylum seekers arrive exhausted, carrying children who are often hungry, undernourished and traumatised.  WFP ensures food is ready for them on arrival at Nyakabande.

Congolese in Uganda 7

Congolese people line up to get refugee status in Uganda. After some time, they are relocated to a refugee settlement further inside Uganda where they continue to get food from WFP

Congolese in Uganda 8

On the bus taking refugees from Nyakabande to a settlement inside Uganda, there is more WFP assistance in the form of high-energy biscuits.

As more and more Congolese flee war and violence, WFP strives to ease their lives at a transit centre in Uganda.