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Ecuador: WFP Vouchers Help a Colombian Refugee Family

Ecuador vouchers for food

Every month, Ecuador receives an average 1,200 Colombian asylum seekers. The majority stay in the northern border area; others move to larger cities in Ecuador.

Ecuador vouchers for food 1

Claudia Jimena waits with other programme participants, to receive WFP vouchers. She fled Cali in search of a better life for her family.

Ecuador vouchers for food 2

Vouchers are distributed in the form of magnetic cards, and they can be exchanged for food in selected stores. They are used to fight malnutrition in Colombian refugee families and in vulnerable families of the host communities.


Ecuador vouchers for food 3

The vouchers' advantage is that families can choose foods from a list of nutritious products and use them for the family's favourite meals.

Ecuador vouchers for food 4

Claudia signs to validate her purchase with the voucher. Fresh food complements the dry products she also receives from WFP.

Ecuador vouchers for food 5

The small rented room is filled with food. Claudia and her 5 children (3 to 14 years old) live here: it's their kitchen, living room, bedroom and dining room at the same time. The bathroom is shared with 4 other families.


Ecuador vouchers for food 6

Claudia immediately starts cooking for her family. She wants her children to eat well, to live a better life.


Ecuador vouchers for food 7

After eating...

Ecuador vouchers for food 8

...Daniel is ready to go to school.

After fleeing violence in Colombia, Claudia and her 5 children have started a new life in Ecuador. Thanks to vouchers provided by WFP, she can feed her family with nutritious foods they like.