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Cambodia: Floods Affect A Million People, Crops Damaged

Cambodia Floods 2011 1

Cambodia is being hit by widespread flooding with severe flash floods and rising water levels in 17 out of 24 provinces affecting more than 1.2 million people. WFP is launching an immediate response operation to address the food requirements of over 12,000 families. 


Cambodia Floods 2011 2

These 'rice fields' are supposed to be ready for harvest before the end of the year. As a result of the extensive flooding, many rural Cambodians will not be able to harvest their crops. Latest reports indicate that almost 10 percent of rice crops have been completely destroyed. Both short-term and long-term food security is a major concern. 

Cambodia Floods 2011 3

 WFP staff are conducting assessments in the field to determine the ongoing food needs of people whose livelihoods have been greatly damaged by the floods. 

Cambodia Floods 2011 4

 Ty Sokunthea from Prasat Sambo district, Kampong Thom province was displaced from her home and is now in temporary dwellings with her family. Over 34,000 families have been evacuated across Cambodia as a result of the flooding. 

Cambodia Floods 2011 5

 Houses such as these have been inundated with water for at least six weeks. The total impact of the flooding is difficult to assess until the waters recede. 

Cambodia Floods 2011_6

 An estimated 1,400 schools have not been able to start the academic school year as planned. This school in Pursat province opened for two weeks before it was flooded and had to close again. 

Cambodia Floods 2011_7

Svet Yen attended classes for only two weeks before his family was displaced from their home. For the past three weeks they have been living in an open air pagoda surrounded by water and accessible only by boat.  



Cambodia Floods 2011_8

Villagers in remote rural areas tell WFP that their food stocks are running low. 

Cambodia Floods 2011_9

 Prokeab village in Kampong Thom province shows the overwhelming impact of flood waters on people's lives and livelihoods. 

Cambodia Floods 2011_10

 WFP is assessing the mid and long-term food needs of families in flood-affected province while addressing short-term immediate needs in close collaboration with Government, UN and NGO partners. 

Cambodia Floods 2011_11

 WFP has been conducting road condition assessments in several of the worst-affected areas in order to inform logistics planning. 

Cambodia Floods 2011_12

 WFP staff meeting with provincial counterparts to determine ongoing humanitarian needs. 

Cambodia has been affected by extensive flooding in 17 out of 24 provinces. An estimated 1 million people have been affected and rice crops are being severely damaged. WFP is addressing the immediate food needs of the most-affected displaced families.