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Bolivia/HIV: Dora learns how to bring nutritious soy into her diet

Learning from a WFP Nutritionist

Dora learns from a WFP nutritionist on how to prepare a soy based cake during a training workshop at the medical center in La Paz.

Soy-Based Preparations

Dora pays attention to WFP nutritionist, Isela Patón's instructions on how to make soy-based preparations.

Dora, WFP Nutritionist, and their Soy-Based Cake
After preparing and cutting their soy-based cake, Dora and WFP nutritionist reveal their end result. 


Preparing a Soy- Based Meal

Dora pours soy grains into a bowl at home.

Cutting Soy- Based Meat

Dora cuts soy-based meat for lunch at home.

Cooking at Home

Dora fries the soy-based meat for lunch.

Learning from a Nutritional Chart
Monthly Surveillance

Dora in her monthly nutritional surveillance.

Receiving Nutritional Counseling

Dora receives nutritional counselling from a WFP nutritionist.

Enjoying Time with her Daughter

Dora and her child, at home.

As part of her WFP food ration, Dora receives a monthly allowance of soy grain. Soy has a high-protein value, strengthens the immune systems and build muscle mass, which is especially important for people like Dora who are living with HIV. Soy is not a traditional part of the Bolivian diet so WFP often runs workshops to show beneficiaries how it can be cooked.