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Bangladesh's Climate Challenge

Climate change - Bangladesh 1

Bangladesh is extremely vulnerable to natural disasters, with cyclones and flooding occurring regularly.

Climate change Bangladesh 2

Samya Begum lives near the Jamuna River. Flooding means her family has to flee for drier ground at least once a year.

Climate change - Bangladesh 3

Flooded rice paddy fields are a common sight in Bangladesh. In an 'average' year, approximately one quarter of the country is inundated with water.

Climate change - Bangladesh 4

Every monsoon season, Samya is on edge, wondering when the flood will come and whether there will be any warning.

Climate change - Bangladesh 5

The areas around the Jamuna River in north-western Bangladesh are some of the most vulnerable to flooding.

Climate change - Bangladesh 6

Samya’s family receives monthly food rations as part of the Vulnerable Group Development programme.

Climate change - Bangladesh 7

Local people are adjusting their farming system but rice crops are still vulnerable, especially during the monsoon season.

Bangladesh is one of the most climate-vulnerable countries in the world and 83% of WFP beneficiaries live in disaster-prone areas. In an 'average' year, approximately one quarter of the country is inundated by water.