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Afghanistan: Winter Help For Refugees In Kabul

Informal Settlements

More than 30,000 people live in “informal settlements” or camps in Kabul. Many of them have fled violence in their home provinces, and struggle to make a living in Kabul.  

Immense Humanitarian Needs

WFP and other humanitarian actors are on hand to help the people in these settlements, especially in the harsh winter months.  Recently, WFP and UNHCR distributed winter supplies to 200 families in the Kodakistane Bagrami camp. 

Winter Kits From UNHCR

WFP distributed food rations (wheat, oil, salt) while UNHCR distributed winter kits with blankets, tarpaulins, clothes and cooking utensils. 

Nutrition For Kids

WFP is also planning to distribute HEBs and Plumpy’Doz to families with young children to prevent malnutrition among this vulnerable group during winter months, when nutritious food is in short supply. 

Wheelbarrow Breadwinner

Originally from Baghlan, Bibi Zulquaida had to flee fighting in her village and has been living in this camp for five years with her family. “I have one son – he has a wheelbarrow, and tries to get daily work whenever possible. My grandchildren beg on the street.”

Winter Worries

“This is my first winter in the camp. I heard last winter was really bad – I hope this one won’t be. I have eight children. It’s hard to find work in the winter – at the moment, I’m unemployed. This food will help my children.” Mohammed Ibrahim is 29 years old.  


“The biggest problem for the people here is unemployment. At least if they had jobs, they would be able to help themselves.” Agha Mohammed is a community leader at the Kodakistane camp. 

Food Supplies

WFP is continuing to monitor the food security situation in the camps and will provide further assistance as needed. 

WFP distributes food for people in informal settlements in Kabul.