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Why Partner with WFP

WFP and Private Partners Working to End Hunger

Our world’s growing population of seven billion people means that we can no longer rely on old ways of doing business to solve today’s most pressing social problems.  To forge solutions to end global hunger, public and private sector partners must collaborate and innovate. This is where your company comes in.

Join WFP, the humanitarian leader in food, logistics, and telecommunications, at the forefront of new solutions to hunger.  From electronic vouchers to small-scale farmer initiatives, this is a new generation of food assistance – and these new paradigms for ending hunger are producing tangible results. Partnering with WFP on a wide-selection of programmes enables companies to transform communities, improve livelihoods, and tap into global opportunity -- all the while meeting CSR and business objectives.

5 Reasons to Partner with WFP

Ending hunger: Hunger is the world’s number one health risk, killing more people each year than AIDS, malaria and tuberculosis combined.  It robs individuals and nations of their potential by reducing cognitive development and school performance in the early years, and earning potential later in life. This can cost countries as much as 6% of their GDP. This compelling and solvable cause guarantees that CSR efforts will be seen by employees, customers and wider stakeholders alike.

Engage consumers: More and more, consumers expect their brands to not only deliver goods and services, but also enable them to do good in the world.  By partnering with WFP, brands are seen to be part of the solution to the number one global problem: hunger.

Motivate staff: Surveys show that nearly 90% of employees familiar with their company’s efforts to fight global hunger feel a strong sense of loyalty to the cause. Companies can engage their employees to raise awareness and funds for WFP while seeing increased levels of staff retention and recruitment of talent.

Expert partner: With a proven track record of successful operations, award-winning campaigns, global media opportunities and millions of dollars raised, WFP’s efficient approach and low overhead will ensure the greatest impact of your company’s contribution. WFP’s dedicated team of professionals around the world can find matches between its programme needs and a wide range of companies’ core competencies and brand identities.

Innovation: Tackling social issues from public and private sector perspectives allows partners to approach challenges in new, creative ways – leading to innovation for both WFP and your company. From cutting-edge food technology that combats malnutrition to telecommunication innovations that enables WFP to reach people in far-flung regions with e-vouchers, your company’s unique know-how is one key to solving hunger.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what our partners say ...

“Our people appreciate the projects with WFP because they can see how the basic things our company does can help people and save lives. Service quality in our business is determined by one thing - motivated people. The more motivated they are the more we can satisfy our customers.” Peter Bakker, TNT 
"Unilever's support to WFP through Together for Child Vitality means large numbers of school children are being fed nutritious food, educated on matters of hygiene and nutrition and are being given the chance of a better future. And the bonus is that doing this makes our business healthier too." Paul Polman, Unilever
"We believe that a company can do well by doing good. Our profits allows us to invest in innovations that can create opportunities for us and local businesses in developing countries. This is the only sustainable solution for addressing the global problem of hidden hunger." Stephan B. Tanda, DSM
"It is a real pleasure to be part of a team that is making such a wonderful impact around the world." Yum! employee.

Ways to Partner with WFP

We don’t take a “one size fits all” approach to partnering. At WFP we have a dedicated team of professionals around the world to help create the right sponsorship package for your company. There’s more than one way to make a difference.