Burkina Faso Facts & Figures 2014

Food insecurity and malnutrition rates in Burkina Faso are chronically high; the global acute malnutrition rate (GAM) among children under five years of age is 8.2 percent, and stunting levels stand at 31.5 percent (SMART 2013). Though harvests improved significantly in 2012/2013 compared to the previous year as well as five-year averages, populations are still recovering from the 2012 food and nutrition crisis. The Government’s response plan for 2014 indicates that 1,330,000 people are vulnerable to food insecurity, 500,000 are extremely poor and unable to cover their basic needs, and 7,300 remain displaced by flooding that occurred in 2013. The influx of Malian refugees into the country starting in 2012 has created additional challenges for food security in Burkina Faso, not only for refugees but also for communities surrounding refugee settlements