Japan Contributes US$5 Million To Uganda Operations
Published on 7 March 2012


A Congolese refugee prepares to board a truck headed for a settlement in Uganda. Copyright: WFP/Lydia Wamala

A faithful donor to WFP's operations around the world,  the Government of Japan is making another significant contribution towards programmes in Uganda.

KAMPALA - The Government of Japan has announced a contribution of US$5 million toward relief and development activities run by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in Uganda this year.

Of this sum, US$2 million will go toward providing relief food for refugees while US$3 million will support WFP’s nutrition and asset-creation projects in the Karamoja region.

One project that will benefit is the mother and child health and nutrition programme, which aims at reducing stunting among children.  Another is the Karamoja Productive Assets Programme, which WFP implements through the Second Northern Uganda Social Action Fund (NUSAF 2) with the aim of increasing household incomes and access to social services.

“Because of its own new experiences last year with the great earthquake, unprecedented  in the world history, Japan is now more keenly aware of  the importance of international solidarity and extending assistance to those inflicted by disasters, both natural and human,” said the Ambassador of Japan to Uganda, Kazuo Minagawa.

“WFP is very grateful for Japan’s generous contribution,” said WFP’s Country Director Sory Ouane. “It will help us reach the most vulnerable communities while supporting the development plans of the Government of Uganda through NUSAF 2.”

Uganda hosts an estimated 162,000 registered refugees, of whom more than 110,000 are without sufficient means to support themselves. They rely on WFP’s relief and nutrition support for survival.

Meanwhile, some 34 per cent of children in Karamoja are affected by stunting. This means that the physical and mental development of more than a third of all children in the region has been compromised.

Operating through the NUSAF 2, WFP is assisting people in Karamoja to build assets such as livestock dams, staple and vegetable crop farms, orchards and community access roads. Such assets are expected to help reduce the economic disparity between Northern Uganda and the rest of the country in due course.

Japan is one of the leading contributors to WFP in Uganda and globally. Japan has contributed more than US$ 41 million to WFP’s operations in Uganda since 2008.

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