WFP Mozambique Annual Report 2011

Welcome to WFP’s 2011 annual report!

This has been a year of endings and beginnings. We have completed a number of interesting pilots, including Cash and Vouchers as well as a good number of Joint Programmes under the One UN banner, which has left us with many lessons learned and valuable technical experience to strengthen future programmes and support the scale-up of national strategies. 

Our key achievements in 2011 were the following:

 - The establishment of an active emergency response team, which responded rapidly to the needs of vulnerable populations facing natural and human disasters

 - Laying the groundwork for multi-sectoral interventions aimed at reducing chronic malnutrition

 - The piloting of the first cash-for-work project in Mozambique together with the National Institute for Social Action 

This year we also had the opportunity to work more closely with the Government through joint field trips, monitoring missions and discussions on the future of WFP programmes. This has ensured the complete alignment of WFP programmes for coming years and provided a platform upon which to build stronger and more effective relationships with Government at central and provincial levels.

WFP thanks everyone for their inputs with coordination, support and advice. Your partnership really helps us in our fight against food insecurity and undernutrition in Mozambique.

Lola Castro
WFP Mozambique Country Representative