Madagascar is the fourth biggest island on earth and, because of its relative geographical isolation off the east coast of Africa, much of its flora and fauna exists nowhere else on earth. It is ranked as a low income country, 151st out of 186 countries in the 2012 UNDP Human Development Index. In Madagascar, 92 percent of the 22 million inhabitants live below the poverty line of US$ 2 per day.

Cyclone Hellen Response

In early April, tropical cyclone Hellen hit the northwestern district of Soalala. Located on the edge of the Mozambique Channel, the district is made up of fishing villages with few roads. Food and other humanitarian relief items had to be transported on zebu carts and boats. A whole range of groups and organisations helped WFP provide food assistance to 5,000 people through a food-for-assets programme to repair damaged roads. Copright: National Disaster Management Agency (BNGRC)