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DPRK: Responding To The Needs Of Flood-Affected Communities
Published on 5 August 2013

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WFP is distributing maize to families affected by floods in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. 





PYONGYANG – WFP has released 457 metric tons of maize to address the immediate food needs of more than 38,000 people affected by floods in DPR Korea. Over the past weeks, heavy seasonal rains have also caused extensive damage to agricultural lands and water systems across the country. According to an assessment conducted by UN agencies in two counties in North Pyongyang Province on 24 July, more than 45,000 people lost their homes due to floods. A second assessment conducted by the Government has shown that the number of homeless people has decreased as the waters have begun to recede.


WFP is dispatching food to cater for food needs of the most-affected families, and for communities where crops have been lost. The target beneficiaries living in South Pyongang (Anju county), North Pyongan (Unsan, Ryongchon, Jiongju,Pakchon, Taechon counties), North Hwandhae (Tosan,Yontan, Yonsan counties) and South Hamgyong (Yongwang county). They will receive 400 grams of maize per day for a month.


WFP continues to monitor the situation closely. For updates on the flood situation and the UN’s response, please visit: http://kp.one.un.org/current-emergencies/

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