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Mrs. Pak - Proud Mother Of A Healthy Baby in DPR Korea
Published on 25 October 2012

Mrs Pak and her baby 

WFP/ Bithika Biswas

Pak Jong Sil is one of over 350,000 mothers in DPR Korea who have been receiving nutritional support from World Food Programme (WFP) during her pregnancy and while breastfeeding.

WFP has been providing specialised food assistance to vulnerable groups in DPRK such as pregnant and breastfeeding women since 1995. The pregnant and nursing mothers receive cereals, vegetable oils and Super Cereas, a blend of corn, soya and milk enriched with a selection of vitamins and minerals.

Both Mrs. Pak and her husband work on a cooperative farm. They have a small kitchen garden where they grow some vegetables. However, the food they get from the farm and their garden is not enough for the family and their small baby.

Mrs. Pak started recieving WFP food support after the first three months of pregnancy, which helped her baby to grow well in her womb. Choi Jong Gwang, is now 5 months old. His birthweight was 3.5 kilogrammes which was pretty good and thanks to the support we've received from WFP," she said. The baby looks healthy and happy.

Alhough she didn’t get the full quantity of food she was entitled to due to a lack of funding for WFP’s operation, she was happy with the rations she got.

"I don't know exactly what the ingredients are, but I know Super Cereal is very nutritious and it helps my baby get proper nutrition through my breast milk," she said, requesting that WFP ensured an uninterrupted and sufficient supply to pregnant and nursing mothers like herself.

Witten by Bithika Biswas

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