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DPR Korea: Supercereals Doing A Super Job
Published on 9 March 2012

WFP has since August 2011 provided nutritional assistance to 30 child patients at the Chongnam Gu People’s Hopsital.

Sim Mun-Sop oversees work at Chongnam Gu People’s Hospital in DPR Korea’s South Pyongan province. On a recent visit to the institution, WFP’s monitoring staff heard how nutritional assistance has been helping young children return to health.

If there is no health there would be no value to wealth,” says Sim. In recent months, the hospital has received Supercereal – a specialised blended food rich in vital nutrients and vitamins  - as well as soya beans and wheat. The foods have been given to child in-patients as part of efforts to combat malnutrition, especially amongst the most vulnerable.

“Mothers come to the hospital with gloomy faces, carrying their sick children, but they return home smiling with healthy children. I love to see the mothers’ happy faces. WFP’s nutritious food assistance makes it possible for the mothers and their children to smile.

“We mill the wheat otherwise it is hard to digest, and then prepare wheat flour soup for the children, which they like very much. Their mothers seem to be happy as their children like the meal.

“As the person in charge of the hospital, I also am happy to see that decent meals are served to the child patients here. I am personally very thankful to WFP for providing the food for sick children,” said Sim.

WFP is targeting over 8,000 children per month in pediatric hospitals in  DPRK for specialised nutrition assistance.

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Marcus, a former journalist, has worked in WFP Communications for 10 years in Africa and Asia. Deputy Head of Programme in Afghanistan, currently deployed in Iraq for a mission.