Malnourished twins become healthy with WFP porridge
Published on 20 August 2010

WFP India, in collaboration with state governments, provides a highly nutritious porridge to children between 6 months and five years and vulnerable women at state-run feeding centres

When Damuni gave birth for the seventh time, she was already frail and anaemic. Three of her previous children had passed away due to illness and malnourishment.

This time she gave birth to twin girls, both very underweight.

Up until now it had been struggle for Damuni and her husband Gobardhan, as landless labourers living in Nabrangpura district of Orissa, to feed their family of five. Now with two more children categorized grade III malnourished added to the family, two square meals became even more difficult to come by for all.

But then help came in the form of a locally produced porridge fortified with vitamins and minerals fed to young children at the village Anganwadi centre (AWC). The twins, Tillotamma and Tulsi went to the AWC every day to receive this porridge made available by WFP in collaboration with the state government under the Integrated Child Development Scheme.

Their body weights started increasing. Not only did they begin to look healthier, the girls also became active participants in pre-school activities conducted at the AWC. Today, at the age of three and a half years, the girls weigh 14.6 kg which is normal for their age. "The special porridge at the AWC is a boon for my children," said Gobardhan.