Honduras: Jaremar Group and WFP Sign an Agreement
Published on 26 September 2012

WFP Representative in Honduras, Miguel Barreto, and Grupo Jaremar General Manager, Leonel Lacayo, shake hands after the signing ceremony. (Copyright: WFP/Juan Montes)

With the motto “Fighting Hunger Today We Feed The Future With Hope,” the Jaremar Group made an important donation valued at more than US$1 million to the World Food Programme in Honduras. This donation was officialized during the signing ceremony of an agreement between WFP and Jaremar Group.


An important four-year cooperation agreement was signed, with the purpose of supporting the activities that being implemented by the Country Programme (2012-2016). Some 400 metric tons of cooking oil will be distributed over the next four years among vulnerable groups Vulnerable Groups Assistance Programs and Agro-forestry and Climate Change Adaptation as follows: Vulnerable Groups Assistance program, 61 MTPA (a total of 244 TM) and Agro-forestry program and Adaptation Climate Change 39 MTPA (a total of 156 TM). 

vulnerable groups assistance staffThis contribution will be used to complete food rations that will benefit 7,993 beneficiaries per year that are part of the Vulnerable Groups Assistance Program: children 6 to 23 months old in preventing stunted, treating malnourished children 24 to 59 months old on the basis of weight/age, malnutrition care of pregnant women and lactating mothers and 2,600 beneficiaries that are part of Agro-forestry and Climate Change adaptation Program, this program target food insecure poor families living in vulnerable households located in degrades environments and exposed to risks from climate change effects that are placed in the departments of Choluteca, La Paz and the south of El Paraíso.
The commercial value of each MT is US.$2,550.00, and the total value of  the donation is US$1.020,000.00 for four years.