Canada supports WFP refugee programme in northern Ecuador
Published on 15 March 2012

Canada helps finance WFP distribution of food rations and vouchers to Colombian refugees and vulnerable Ecuadorian families.

QUITO, March 2012 – Canada joined Brazil, the United States, Spain and Luxembourg in supporting the World Food Programme’s work in the Ecuadorian northern border. The Canadian donation of aproximately USD 750.000 was approved by the Canadian International Cooperation Agency. Thanks to this contribution, WFP will deliver food assistance to Colombian refugees and Ecuadorian vulnerable families from the host communities receiving refugees. WFP Ecuador coordinates these efforts with the Ecuadorian Directorate for Refugees and with local governments.

colombian woman recieving a bag of wfp food

In Atuntaqui, Imbabura province, WFP in collaboration with the Manuela Espejo Mission of the Vicepresidency of Ecuador,  distributes food rations to persons with disabilities and their families.


woman from esmeraldas dragging her large wfp food ration

In Esmeraldas,  a participant receives her food ration as part of WFP operation to assist  refugees and people affected by the Colombian conflict. This ration can feed a family of four members for a month.

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