Congo, Democratic Republic Of

Photo:WFP/Leonora Bauman

Emergency Air Evacuations in the DRC

The humanitarian community in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) relies on the United Nations Humanitarian Air Service’s (UNHAS) to reach remote areas, support national disaster responses, as well as carry out emergency evacuations of humanitarian aid workers. 


The situation in one of the poorest and least developed nations on earth is being complicated by a variety of factors including ongoing conflict in the east, a continuing crisis in the neighboring Central Africa Republic and mounting political tensions ahead of planned presidential elections in 2016. 

DRC on Exposure

The crisis that has engulfed the Central African Republic (CAR) since 2003 has led to almost 500,000 people to find refuge in neighbouring countries, including the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where the World Food Programme (WFP) provides food assistance to nearly 52,000 refugees and host community members.

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