"I Want Women to Be Empowered"- A Story of Triumph in Colombia

Liliana has overcome adversity through hard work and has now inspired a whole community. At 28 years old, Liliana’s future was cut short due to conflict; she grabbed her few belongings and fled with her husband and three children to a safer area of the country. Today, her family situation is different, full of triumphs and accomplished dreams.


Colombia is the third most populous country in Latin America, with an estimated population of 47.1 million, 75 percent living in urban areas. Despite its middle-income country status, 23 million Colombians are poor and 6 million live below the extreme poverty line.

Colombia’s 50-year conflict hampers economic growth, threatens vital infrastructure, displaces populations, erodes social and cultural cohesion, and generates enormous fiscal costs. The humanitarian crisis facing Colombia after more than 40 years of conflict makes it one of the countries with the highest rates of internally displaced people (IDP) in the world. en español

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