Rebuilding livelihoods after Cyclone Giri
Published on 21 April 2011

In the response to Cyclone Giri, WFP and its partners assisted almost 200,000 people with 7,636 tons of food. Copyright:WFP/WFP Myanmar

Cyclone Giri made landfall in Rakhine State on 22 October. In the aftermath of the disaster WFP and its partners distributed nearly 8,000mt to 200,000 affected people. WFP is now targeting over 92,000 people through Food For Work to rebuild embankments, ponds and roads.

In December 2010, WFP and FAO led a food security and livelihoods survey together with ten partners (ACF, ADRA, CDEC, NAG, NCV, Myanmar Heart, RTA, Save the Children, SY and YCT).
Findings indicated that: 
9% of households are severely food insecure;
The main expenditure for 81% of households was on food;
85% of the sample are in debt;
Prices of basic commodities have increased since the cyclone: rice (6%), oil (7%) and pulses (11%);
61% on rice harvest loss due to the cyclone;
86% of acreage of paddy fields were affected;  
685 embankments protecting 78,000 acres of paddy fields, being cultivated by 11,000 farming households, were damaged;
241 aquaculture ponds were damaged.

Strategies to bring communities back on their feet have to integrate a strong livelihood component through the restoration of community assets. Projects to restore production capacity for farmers will not only help them, but also provide job opportunities for those who depend on casual labor to survive. Restoring assets for fishermen and repairing ponds will also  support the long term livelihoods of the community.

Since February WFP and three partners started the repair and rehabilitation of key assets. The recovery phase will last until May 2011 before the rain starts and before the farming season.

In total 159 km of embankments,  17 ponds and 31 km or roads will be rehabilitated  in 105 villages in three townships through Food For Work activities.
18,450 beneficiaries will be directly participating in the Food For Work projects and their families, totaling 92,250 people, will receive food rations until May.

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