Children from Punilla Pampa show what they want to become when they grow up. Their mothers believe that  their effort of going to cook the school meals in shifts is a contribution for their kids to become professionals one day. Copyright: WFP/Ximena Loza

School Meals: "I Want My Children to Achieve More Than I Have..."

The productive and sustainable school feeding programme in Bolivia assists every year 40,000 children of rural areas. In three departments, Chuquisaca, Tarija y Pando, WFP gives one meal (breakfast or lunch) which is complemented by second meal that is provided by the municipal government. The purpose of the programme is that children, especially girls, attend classes, reduce hunger in the short term and focus on their lessons.


Bolivia is one of the poorest countries in Latin America: of its 9.5 million population, two thirds overall – 80 percent in rural areas – live below the poverty line.

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