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An Ode to the WFP Truck

It’s nice to read the ways in which WFP’s work is felt by different people. Here’s an example of a poem that was sent to us by author and historian William Lambers, who explains what he believes WFP's impact looks like in Afghanistan - from the perspective of a humanitarian truck.


Through the mountains, passing on a winding road

Danger all around, heavy it has snowed,

Filled with precious cargo, this blue and white truck

And crew with shovels so it does not get stuck,

In the valley below, families in need

"Our children are starving, send help," they plead,

Hours pass, the travel is hard and slow

The mission unrelenting, no matter the snow,

In the village, suddenly is heard a noise

"Alas, they are here!" they all rejoice,

Behind the blue tarp is absolute treasure

For this food, our thanks cannot be measured,

The truck's work is done, lives will be saved

Into the mountains it disappears, all it had it gave.


The origins of this story...

This poem has been dedicated to the long years of service of a WFP truck. Over 23 years, it travelled nearly 500,000 kilometres to deliver food around Afghanistan. See it here

About the author

William Lambers is the author of several books including Ending World Hunger: School Lunches for Kids Around the World. It features over 50 interviews with officials from WFP and other charities discussing school feeding programs that fight child hunger. His articles have appeared in the Cincinnati Enquirer, the New York Times, and the History News Network (HNN), among others. Mr. Lambers is a graduate of the College of Mount St. Joseph in Ohio with degrees in Liberal Arts (BA) and Organizational Leadership (MS). He is a member of the Feeding America Blogger Council. Read more about William and his work on his website.




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