In times of natural disaster and conflict, communities can easily become displaced, isolated, and left without access to food, water and shelter. A rapid response can save lives and air transport is often the only way to quickly move humanitarian supplies and personnel to where they are needed. Over the years, WFP Aviation has accrued vast experience and developed a comprehensive service provision portfolio.

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The United Nations Humanitarian Air Service (UNHAS) makes up 80 percent of WFP Aviation's core activities. It seeks to deliver safe, reliable, cost-efficient and effective common air services to the humanitarian community. UNHAS is the only humanitarian air service that gives equal access to all humanitarian entities. UNHAS responds to the need for access to the world's most remote and challenging locations, often under precarious security conditions, where no safe surface transport or viable commercial aviation options are available.

UNHAS is currently providing essential passenger services in the following countries:

In response to the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak, a UNHAS operation was launched to support the humanitarian response in the worst affected countries in West Africa. This UNHAS operation is part of WFP's global logistics response under Special Operation 200773, which has been established to augment the capacity of humanitarian efforts under the United Nations Mission for Ebola Emergency Response (UNMEER) umbrella. Information for UNHAS users is available here.