WFP Aviation regularly provides a range of air services for third party organizations, such as various NGOs, governments, UN Department of Field Support, and international organizations.  These services include:

Long Term Dedicated Service
WFP Aviation provides long-term dedicated air services to the UN and other humanitarian agencies when a request for air operations is made under the Technical Service Agreement for specific country operations.

Ad-Hoc Passenger Aircraft Charter Flights
Ad-hoc passenger aircraft charter flights are provided when there are insufficient or no scheduled commercial air carriers operating in the sector, or when existing contracted air carriers do not have enough capacity to meet requirements. Ad-hoc passenger service may also be utilized to relocate people from vulnerable/conflict areas to other countries.

Evacuation Flights
WFP Aviation and UNHAS provide full scope of evacuation flights support to UN and humanitarian partners at the areas of current flight operations, including both medical (medevac) and security evacuations.

Airfreight on Scheduled Commercial Carriers
Airfreights may be based on published rates, as consolidated shipments or as split charter. These can be obtained either directly from commercial companies or through a forwarding agent for both spot and regular shipments, where such services exist. It is generally the most economical option for shipments which are smaller than the full capacity of the aircraft.

Airlift Operations
Airlifts of food or non-food items may be utilized on request from WFP or other partner organizations, depending on the cargo type, infrastructure and airfield condition. 

Airdrop Operations
During an emergency situation, life-saving quantities of food may be needed. If the area is inaccessible, WFP Aviation will consider using helicopters and planes to deliver food. However, due to high cost, airdrops may be considered only if they are the primary method for delivering food directly into the crisis area.

Questions? Please send all inquiries and requests for air services to: