WFP Aviation only charters aircraft from air operators that are commercially licensed by their respective civil aviation authorities and meet the safety requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization's Standard Aviation Recommended Practices (SARP).

In order to work with the global humanitarian community, all air operators must meet United Nations Aviation Standards (UNAVSTADs) and undergo an evaluation process conducted by WFP's Aviation Safety Unit before they can be accredited as WFP service providers.

Request For Offer (RFO) Process
Air operators and/or brokers who are registered with WFP Aviation are included on the Request For Offer mailing list. They receive offer submission instructions with each Request for Offer that is issued.

How to Register as a Broker
Brokers can contact WFP Aviation for information on how to register.  If their service and details meet WFP Aviation requirements, they will be contacted and asked to provide a focal point and contact details which will be added to the Request for Offer (RFO)'s recipient list.

For more information on chartering, please contact WFP Aviation at: