The World Food Programme (WFP) supports food aid operations to the most vulnerable while establishing resilience to a country's overall food security. WFP's operations encompass:

Operations in Yemen

200305Relief food assistance to refugees in YemenProtracted Relief and Recovery Operation (PRRO)
200636Yemen: Safeguarding Lives, Improving Food Security and Nutrition, and Building Resilience Protracted Relief and Recovery Operation (PRRO)
200798Air Passenger Service and Logistics Cluster Coordination in Support of the Humanitarian Response in YemenSpecial Operation (SO)
200841Logistics & Emergency Telecommunications Augmentation and Coordination to Support Humanitarian Operations in YemenSpecial Operation (SO)
200845Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in YemenSpecial Operation (SO)
200890Emergency Food Assistance to the Food Insecure and Conflict-Affected People in YemenEmergency Operation (EMOP)

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