Capacity Development, Climate Change, Emergencies, Gender, HIV/AIDS, Nutrition, School Meals
26 April 2011

One of four strategic evaluations related to WFP's shift from food aid to food assistance, this evaluation assesses how Country Offices have adapted to changing needs and the factors affecting those changes. Country Offices are at the front line of translating organizational goals into action.

The evaluation found many strategic changes are being made, affecting all aspects of WFP. Experienced and dedicated staff are actively working to make the changes a success. At the same time, the change process is still at a formative stage and the foundational elements need strengthening.

12 June 1998

In the mission team’s view, the quantity and quality of the informal cooperation and formal coordination were generally high. A number of signed formal agreements were concluded in the form of: a) regional, country-level and local Memoranda of Understanding and operational plans; b) separate agreements on cooperation in specific sectors such as logistics and telecommunications; and c) countrylevel and local joint work plans.