Florence Akot (left) and Juliet Atim (right). Centre is Margaret Ayet, another of their farmer friends, also supported by WFP. "Now we are better off," says Margaret. "Do you not see my beautiful new dress?" Copyright: WFP/Lydia Wamala

Making a Song and Dance of P4P in Uganda

Purchase for Progress (P4P) focuses on strengthening the capacity of farmers’ organizations (FO) to aggregate and sell commodities to quality buyers, such as WFP. Through partnerships with the government, indigenous and international NGOs, and others, P4P has provided smallholder farmers with the necessary training and equipment to increase their production, improve crop quality and strengthen FO marketing capacity.


Uganda has significantly reduced its levels of hunger and poverty over the last two decades. However, WFP's support remains important in addressing humanitarian and development challenges, mostly in the Karamoja region and among refugees. Meanwhile, in the areas of the country that produce food surpluses, WFP is playing a key role in providing agriculture and market support for smallholder farmers.