Hunger in the news

3 August 2011

Rural Togolese were already suffering from malnutrition, exacerbated by demographic pressure and the collapse of cotton cultivation, a major cash crop. In 2006, almost 50 per cent of the population was underfed, according to figures from the UN World Food Programme (WFP).

6 May 2009

Battered by rainstorms in the north in 2007 and the south in 2008, Togo is bracing for even more severe flood damage in 2009, disaster relief officials in the country told IRIN. (...) African Development Bank (ADB) recently gave US$500,000 for 20,000 victims of 2008 flooding in Togo. The UN World Food Programme (WFP) is coordinating with the government and ADB on how to spend the money. "The impact of flooding stretches out over a long period. We still need to assist [2008] flood victims," WFP head of office in Togo, Arnauld Blazy, told IRIN.