Climate Change
5 November 2014

Livelihoods in Sri Lanka are highly diverse. In part, this is due to the differences in topography, agro-climatic conditions and socio-economic features, as well as to the rapid development seen in recent years; in 2010, Sri Lanka was re-classified as a middle-income country. Nonetheless, over 80 per cent of the population is still considered as rural and household livelihood activities are closely inter-twined with agricultural industries, whether as producers, processors, retailers, or elsewhere in the market chain. This then provides a justification for focusing on livelihood mapping in rural areas to better understand broadly similar spatial patterns of livelihood and vulnerability.

Climate Change
16 November 2012

WFP is a frontline actor in the fight against hunger, and is working with governments across Asia to support country-led solutions to the impact of climate change and climate-related hunger.