WFP Activities
Over the last five years, WFP’s support programme to the Government of Peru has transitioned from food aid to food assistance. This implies to support government institutions in strengthening and developing the food security institutional capacities to improve the management of food and nutrition programmes. In emergency situations, WFP also supports the GoP with projects related to food security.
•    MDG-F Programme: “Improving Nutrition and Food Security for the Peruvian Child: a Capacity Building Approach”
The purpose of this joint programme (WFP, FAO, UNODD, OPS and UNICEF) is to support GoP to accelerate the implementation of the National Strategy “CRECER” (To Grow). It does aim at reducing child undernutrition through coordinated actions among GoP and the private sector. The joint programme promotes and implements interventions, at regional and local level, to improve the nutrition of women and children through strengthened programmes and initiatives from different sectors based on a technical and analytical training programme aimed at community beneficiaries. The joint programme contributes to the achievement of five MDGs in 64 districts of four regions (Ayacucho, Huancavelica, Apurimac and Loreto). WFP is investing US$976,378 during the three-year project thanks to the donation of the Spanish Cooperation.
•    Website Nutrinet Peru
WFP in Peru, under the Regional Nutrinet Website Programme, has developed Nutrinet Peru. It offers very extensive information about nutrition, health, hygiene and successful experiences on implemented food and nutritional programmes. It is addressed to three types of users: (i) professional/academics, (ii) implementers of nutritional programmes and (iii) the general public. Themes have then been desegregated by groups of interest.
In 2009, and thanks to the generosity of the German Quality Improvement Grant (GQIG), Nutrinet Peru was greatly enhanced through improvement of the contents quality and by increasing the number of items and sections. The website has now a different image, and it is easier to be utilized by the different users. Its design includes improved menus that lead to more intuitive and coherent browsing, facilitating the navigation. By now, Nutrinet Peru is one of the most important tools about knowledge in nutritional issues since its contents include the most relevant information to any public user and, the most important, they can access with just one click. 
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Threats to food security
  • Natural disasters
  • Extreme environmental conditions
  • Difficult access to food
  • Low educational levels