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18 February 2015

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Food for Assets, School Meals
16 November 2012

The World Food Programme works with governments across Asia to design and manage large-scale, innovative programmes, focused on those who need them most. These programmes are often called ‘safety nets’ – projects designed to protect the most vulnerable at critical times, and so allow them to make the most of each new opportunity to improve their lives.

School Meals
10 September 2009

WFP’s School Meals Programme in Pakistan is strongly addressed to fight gender disparity through take-home rations. Moreover, the government's commitment to School Meals is high:  it is launching its nationally-owned School Nutrition Programme for Girls in Primary Schools, which aims to reach 10 million beneficiaries over a period of five years.

Emergencies, School Meals
25 January 2007

This evaluation focused on demonstrating how WFP’s school feeding can address the needs of people in emergency contexts, with a view to learning from current practice and improving future implementation. Three field studies, desk research and a survey questionnaire constituted the basis of the evaluation. Readers are encouraged to refer to the full technical report for greater detail.