Comunidad Rural La Ermita, Jinotega, Nicaragua.
Copyright: WFP/Sabrina Quezada

Fatima’s First Dream

Sabrina Quezada, Communications Officer in Nicaragua, loves to go to the field to meet WFP project participants. She did not hesitate to go to the field when the WFP Office in Washington, D.C. asked her to interview a mother and participant of the school meals programme. The interview was part of a Michael Kors’ campaign on Mother’s Day in the United States to support WFP School Meals. When Sabrina asked Fatima, her interviewee, about her dreams, her answer left Sabrina speechless. 


Nicaragua is classified by the World Bank (WB) as the second poorest country in Latin America and the Caribbean. The gross national income (GNI) per capita is US$ 1,100 (2010). 48% of the population lives on less than a US$1 a day and 76% on less US$2 daily. en español

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