The World Food Programme (WFP) supports food aid operations to the most vulnerable while establishing resilience to a country's overall food security. WFP's operations encompass:

Operations in Nepal

200319Nepal Country Programme (2013–2017)Development Operation (DEV)
200668Emergency Food Assistance to Populations Affected by Earthquake in NepalEmergency Operation (EMOP)
200768Emergency Food Assistance for Flood-Affected People in Mid-Western NepalEmergency Operation (EMOP)
200787Food Assistance to Refugees from Bhutan in NepalProtracted Relief and Recovery Operation (PRRO)
200848Logistics and Telecommunications Augmentation and Coordination in Response to the Earthquake in Nepal Special Operation (SO)
200849Provision of Humanitarian Air Services in NepalSpecial Operation (SO)
200875Restoring Food and Nutrition Security and Building Resilient Livelihoods in Earthquake-Affected AreasProtracted Relief and Recovery Operation (PRRO)
200999Augmentation of National and District Level Emergency Logistic Preparedness in Nepal Special Operation (SO)
201025Construction of New Country Office for WFP NepalSpecial Operation (SO)

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