WFP Activities

WFP Activities

In Namibia, where food assistance activities are undertaken directly by the government, WFP's focus has shifted from the provision of food aid to the equally important role of providing technical assistance to strengthen government capacity to manage food assistance programmes for vulnerable people including school children. This technical assistance is concentrated on the following broad areas:
•    Policy Guidance: technical advice/guidance on food assistance management, nutrition and introduction of standards and procedures for food assistance programming.
•    Knowledge Generation and Management: strengthening the evidence base on food safety nets and of the food security situation through assessments and studies.
•    Strengthening Monitoring Systems: systems for food assistance management, food security monitoring, monitoring and evaluation for impact analysis and evaluation.
•    Capacity Building and Technical Assistance: strategies that strengthen government capacity to assess, plan and manage effective food-based programmes.
Technical Assistance to School Feeding Programme:  In 2012, WFP the Ministry of Education (MOE) established a strategic partnership with WFP in order to improve the Namibian School Feeding Programme (NSFP). The NSFP assists more than 300,000 orphans and vulnerable children by guaranteeing them a daily meal and access to education. WFP provides technical support in four broad areas: i) Policy guidance, ii) Capacity building and programme support, iii) Knowledge generation and iv) Systems strengthening. Technical assistance to the school feeding programme is jointly funded by the Government of Namibia and WFP. 

Technical Assistance to Government Food Assistance Programme: In 2012, WFP signed a two-year partnership with the Office of the Prime Minister (OPM) to strengthen government capacity to assess, plan and respond to emergency food needs resulting from natural disasters and other shocks. Under this partnership framework, WFP is supporting the government in four technical areas; (i) Food Security analysis,  (ii) Food security/food management systems strengthening, (iii) Capacity building and (iv) Logistics supply chain management. Support to OPM is funded by USAID/OFDA and WFP.



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