Hunger in the news

10 February 2012

Last year, around 13 million people in the Horn of Africa needed food aid. Now aid agencies warn failed harvests in the Sahel, the band of desert and scrub that runs south of the Sahara, mean 12 million more people require assistance. (..) The world has more than enough food to feed itself. Redistributing it to those who lack their share is the job of large and well-funded international aid agencies, particularly the World Food Program.

9 September 2011

Pockets of food insecurity are plaguing areas in Southern Africa where floods or prolonged mid-season dry spells have reduced harvests. (..) In a presentation at the African Agriculture Summit in Cape Town earlier this year, William Barclay, senior regional programme adviser for the World Food Programme, said that 65% of the global total increase in climate-related hunger was likely to occur on the African continent.