Crop and Food Assessments, Emergency Assessments, Livelihoods, Floods, Food Security Analysis, Nutrition
25 November 2013

A series of five major storm events during the summer-monsoon season of 2013 caused flooding in 12 out of 17 provinces (52 out 145 districts) across the Lao PDR and affected a total of 395,000 people.  Flooding is not unusual at this time of the year but the individual flood events were caused by different weather systems which occurred in different locations at different points in time (starting in July and ending in October 2013), and hit with varying levels of severity. In the South the flood water levels were high for up to 6 days inundating the rice crops that were almost ready to be harvested. Although many fields appear lush green the rice crops are often completely damaged because of the long time under water.

Crop and Food Assessments, Food Security Analysis
25 March 2011

Prompted by concerns about a very weak start to the rainy season in parts of Lao PDR (and in much of the surrounding region) which was then followed by excessive rainfall and flooding in several areas later in the season, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF) requested a joint FAO/WFP Crop and Food Security Assessment Mission to evaluate the 2010 main paddy crop, forecast the 2011 irrigated crop and assess the overall food situation, import requirements and food aid needs, if any, for the 2010/11 marketing year (January/December). The last such mission had taken place in 2001, following serious regional flooding.