30 September 2015

Here are ten things to know to understand the global food and nutrition situation. Please help the World Food Programme (WFP) raise awareness by sharing these facts on Twitter.

Nutrition, School Meals
30 March 2015

Life can be difficult in northern Lao PDR with as many as two-thirds of villages not accessible by road during the rainy season and up to half of the population living below the poverty line.  Non Lao-Thai ethnic groups living in remote areas typically have lower health and education levels than the national average - partly due to poor access to services or cultural and linguistic barriers.  WFP is working in the remotest areas of Lao PDR to reduce undernutrition and improve access to health and education, especially for girls.  

School Meals
12 February 2015

The first batch of USDA food contribution for 2015-2017 to WFP School Meals Programme has arrived in Vientiane.  The Super Cereal and vitamin-enriched vegetable oil will be transported to over 1,500 village schools, including the remotest areas of Laos, for community cooks to prepare a daily mid-morning snack for pre-primary and primary students.  The nutritious snack encourages students to come to school, reduces hunger and helps the students concentrate in classes.    

Centre of Excellence against Hunger, School Meals
17 December 2014

The WFP Centre of Excellence Against Hunger in Brazil hosted a delegation from the Government of Lao PDR to share experiences on fighting hunger.  The study visit highlighted the benefits of including nutrition and school meals in national policy, with the Laos Government confirming that school meals will be included in the National Education Law and the Human Resource Development Plan.

12 August 2013

Bouavone Phasouk runs a WFP office in a remote part of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. She’s the only woman on her team, but doesn’t let that stop her from walking hours through the jungle or driving across dangerous provincial roads to get food to those who need it most.

Focus on Women, Nutrition
31 July 2013

Both young and old came out to play at Lao Women's Union Day!

Livelihoods, Food for Assets
23 July 2013

The rainy season is in full swing in Lao PDR from May to September. For WFP, this is often the most difficult time of the year to reach villagers in remote areas due to poor road conditions, landslides and roads blocked by fallen trees. But even then, WFP continues to provide assistance to vulnerable people in need of food in hard-to-reach villages.

Climate Change
14 June 2013

There are three "Keys To Solving Hunger" -- what are they? The "first key" we unveiled was 'Nutrition'; the second, 'Safety Nets'. We're unveiling the last "key" through a short film this month - and we want you to discover it with us! And, to make the discovery more fun, by joining this trivia contest, one lucky winner will get a WFP The North Face Backpack. So get your pencil and paper at the ready and click play!

Food for Assets
22 May 2013

A new road linking rural communities to a vital district centre has been completed thanks to a WFP food-for-work project in rural Laos. The project is part of WFP's Livelihood Initiatives for Nutrition (LIN) programme, designed to support remote communities in northern Laos with high rates of stunting (children too short for their age). 

21 May 2013

There are three "Keys To Solving Hunger" -- what are they? The first key we unveiled last month was 'Nutrition'. What's the second key? We'll be unveiling a new "key" through a short film each month until June 2013 - and we want you to discover them with us! And, to make the discovery more fun, this time we're giving away two special WFP Tote Bags. So get your pencil and paper at the ready and click play!