Baseline Assessments, Livelihoods, Market Analysis, Urban Food Insecurity, Food Security Analysis
18 June 2012

The rapid growth and urbanization of Kenya’s population has resulted in a changing poverty and food security environment in high-density urban areas. Urban dwellers represent an increasingly important share of the food insecure and malnourished yet little is known about the characteristics of urban food insecurity and malnutrition necessitating the need to undertake a baseline survey that would comprehensively analyse the urban food security and vulnerability in Kenya.

Baseline Assessments, Food Security Analysis
15 May 2012

The objective of the KU-CFSVA was to analyze the food security, nutritional status and vulnerability of the urban population of Kenya, to provide baseline information to the policy-makers and practitioners, and to identify interventions. For the purpose of this study, high-density, low-income urban areas only were considered.