30 June 2014

Programme Assistant for Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping (VAM)

Contract Type: Service Contract

Duration: 6 months with possibility for extension

Duty Station: Jayapura, Indonesia

School Meals
27 June 2014

Yublina A. Tahun, led  Oenali Elementary School to win first place in the country's National School Meals Competition. The 45-year-old mother of three is the Headmaster of Oenali Elementary School in TTS district, NTT province. Oenali Elementary School is one of the 61 schools in Indonesia implementing the Local Food Based School Meals Programme (LFBSM) supported by WFP.

10 April 2014

In 2013, WFP restructured its support to BNPB and provincial Disaster Management agencies on activities related to Emergency Logistics Preparedness including:

  • Training on Emergency Logistics;
  • Logistics Capacity Assessments in select disaster-prone provinces;
  • Provision of Emergency Response Equipment;
  • Support to BNPB’s Data Center, platform for the management of secondary data; and
  • Support to BNPB’s project on National Strategic Warehouse in Jakarta.

To ensure sustainable development of BNPB capacities, both agencies are developing a three-year strategy and joint implementation work-plan. The proposed strategy aims at strengthening GoI’s Emergency Response capacities by:

  • Reinforcing the surge capacity of humanitarian actors & strengthening logistics preparedness and response;
  • Establishing a national Network of Disaster Response Facilities (Humanitarian Staging Areas) in Jakarta, Medan and Makassar; and
  • Capacity Building of the Emergency Planners and Responders.

7 April 2014

The United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) is the designated leader of the international humanitarian community in terms of Logistics coordination and response. As such, WFP has the responsibility of ensuring that the logistics support to a humanitarian response is implemented in a coordinated, predictable and efficient manner.

In order to improve the level of operational readiness, WFP is undertaking a logistics preparedness program in Indonesia to address specific scenarios.

The current scenario that is being addressed is a large earthquake occurring in the region of Yogyakarta.

In addressing this scenario, the most likely logistics network that has been identified would be to utilize Surabaya or Semarang as the strategic entry point by Air and Sea, and to establish forward operations bases in Solo or other relevant locations.

17 October 2013

The UN World Food Programme (WFP) is marking World Food Day on 16 October by highlighting the power of nutrition to transform individuals, societies and economies, and the need to make it central to all development efforts. If the global community invested US$1.2 billion per year for five years on reducing micronutrient deficiencies, the benefits in better health, fewer child deaths and increased future earnings would generate gains worth US$15.3 billion.

Climate Change
14 June 2013

There are three "Keys To Solving Hunger" -- what are they? The "first key" we unveiled was 'Nutrition'; the second, 'Safety Nets'. We're unveiling the last "key" through a short film this month - and we want you to discover it with us! And, to make the discovery more fun, by joining this trivia contest, one lucky winner will get a WFP The North Face Backpack. So get your pencil and paper at the ready and click play!

21 May 2013

There are three "Keys To Solving Hunger" -- what are they? The first key we unveiled last month was 'Nutrition'. What's the second key? We'll be unveiling a new "key" through a short film each month until June 2013 - and we want you to discover them with us! And, to make the discovery more fun, this time we're giving away two special WFP Tote Bags. So get your pencil and paper at the ready and click play!

2 May 2013

The power of the media to push for positive social change must not be underestimated as we discover from more than a dozen journalists who joined a half-day workshop hosted by WFP Indonesia on “Media Engagement on Food Security and Nutrition”.

Climate Change, Nutrition
29 March 2013

There are three "Keys To Solving Hunger" -- what are they? Each month between April and June 2013, we'll be unveiling a new "key" through a short film - and we want you to discover them with us! And, to make the discovery more fun, we're also giving away some limited edition WFP Moleskine notebooks. So get your pencil and paper at the ready and click play!

7 March 2013
World Food Programme - Indonesia invites applications from eligible candidates for the following positions:
  1. Programme Assistant (Climate Change)
  2. National Programme Officer (Food Security Assessments)
  3. Senior Programme Assistant (Disaster Risk Reduction, Climate Change and FFA)
  4. Senior Programme Assistant          
  5. Logistics Officer (Emergency Preparedness and Response)
  6. Logistics Officer (Supply Chain and Disaster Risk Reduction)
  7. Programme Officer (Community-based DRR & Climate Change Adaptation)
  8. Program Officer (Head of Sub-Office) Papua
  9. Programme Officer (Food Security Monitoring)
  10. Programme Officer (HIV- Nutrition)
  11. Donor and Private Sector Relations Officer (Head, Partnership Unit)
  12. Programme Officer (Head of Sub-Office) NTB