Baseline Assessments
23 January 2014

Guinea’s Country Office recently finalized the “Comprehensive Food Security and Vulnerability Assessment” (CFSVA). It was conducted jointly with the Ministry of Agriculture and is the first assessment in Guinea that provides prefecture-level information on food security. The survey shows that one in three households in Guinea is food insecure with disparities between regions. In some prefectures in Forest Guinea, food insecurity reaches 56%. Overall, food insecurity has not improved in Guinea since the last survey in 2009. The report was validated by the Ministry of Agriculture in Conakry on 18 December. The CFSVA has provided an opportunity to widen the debate on food security and to raise awareness for the issue among the Government and technical and financial partners. The report will guide and frame our action in the months to come. 

Baseline Assessments, Food Security Analysis
12 November 2013

L’Enquête Nationale de la Sécurité Alimentaire et de la Vulnéra-bilité (ENSAV) menée conjointement par le Ministère de l’agricul-ture et le PAM en juin-juillet 2012 est la première enquête natio-nale en Guinée à proposer des informations sur la sécurité ali-mentaire au niveau des préfectures. Cette analyse vient combler le manque d’informations sur le sujet depuis 2009 et permet de soutenir les programmes multisectoriels en cours dans le pays (UNDAF, PNIA-SA, PQDS-E, SRP).

Baseline Assessments, Food Security Analysis
31 March 2010

There is a deterioration in the food security and nutrition situation for a significant part of the population reflected by the failure of development of many policies, political instability and governance problems.