WFP Activities

WFP’s activities in Guatemala are geared towards reducing food insecurity, improving the nutritional status of mothers and children under 5 and living conditions of vulnerable groups by increasing agricultural productivity and farmer’s marketing practices.    These priorities, which aim to assist the most vulnerable portions of the population, were identified in close coordination with the Government of Guatemala.


Country Programme: In order to reduce chronic undernutrition 45,500 beneficiaries will receive supplementary feeding and 12,000 subsistence farmers will be assisted to improve livelihoods starting 2011. The Country Programme will connect 3,000 small farmers to the markets.   


Purchase for Progress: Targets 3,700 members of 36 small farmers’ organizations, aiming to build links between farmers and markets and encourage group marketing. Grain quantity and quality are improved through best practices and post harvest management. Training modules emphasizes marketing and management skills, strengthening of farmers’ organizations, and women’s participation in decision-making positions. 


WFP Offices
Threats to food security
  • Climate Change, recurring floods and droughts 
  • Difficult access to food and safe water
  • Subsistence farming
  • Chronic deprivation of socially vulnerable
  • Low sanitation levels
  • Low education levels