Hunger in the news

20 March 2014

Canada has donated CAN$2 million to Guatemala to fund the manufacturing of “Mi Comidita,” (my little food) a powdered, fortified food supplement designed specifically for children in the first 1,000 days of life (0-2 years), a “window of opportunity” critical to their long-term well-being. The Zero Hunger Pact, spearheaded by the Guatemalan government, WFP, and the Canadian Embassy in Guatemala, is now active in the department of Totonicapán to help 3,000 pregnant and nursing mothers and their children.

8 February 2013

Malnutrition is chronic in much of Guatemala, at about 50% of the population – higher than in many African countries. (..) I have detected a worrying lack of empathy towards poor people demanding their rights. But what would you do if your child was growing up stunted or you couldn't pay for your electricity? (..)

19 November 2012

The World Food Program has begun distributing some 72 tons of emergency food aid to help victims of last week's powerful earthquake, officials at the international agency said Saturday. (..) The WFP said the food aimed to help the Central American country's 13,000 quake victims, many of whose homes were damaged and live disrupted by the November 7 quake off the coast of western Guatemala.

16 October 2012

[News article in Spanish] The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) and the World Food Programme signed an agreement to push joined efforts that will lead to higher agricultural productivity within Latin America and the Caribbean, in a way that would strengthen the access of its inhabitants towards healthy and better quality of foods.  The General Director of IICA, Victor M. Villalobos, affirmed: “More than a document, this agreement is a commitment with all the countries where the IICA and WFP work together. We will also explore the posibilieties in other parts of the hemisphere in order to share our experiences, especially the ones we reach to work with farmers in a small scale.”. The Executive Director of World Food Programme, Erthain Cousin, seeks to consolidate the work of both organizations for the programme Purchase for Progress(P4P), which has been running in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua since 2009.

19 April 2011

Hunger Emergency had been denounced by Guatemala’s Human Rights Ombudsman Sergio Morales.(..)About 49 percent of children in Guatemala are chronically malnourished according to the World Food Program—the fourth highest rate in the world. In indigenous communities the rate is closer to 70 percent.

8 March 2011

Bearing more than a kilo of mangos, oranges and apples on his shoulders, 13-year-old José slips through the queue and jumps on the bus. (..) José's family is among the 58% of Guatemalans who, according to the United Nations World Food Programme and the World Bank, live in extreme poverty, without even the means to afford to buy a basket of basic food.

26 November 2010

While big emergencies with millions of victims dominate newspaper headlines, every year WFP responds to dozens of other "minor" emergencies that often go overlooked. The numbers may be smaller, but the misery is the same, which is why WFP Emergency Response expert Amy Horton says there's no such thing as a minor emergency.

21 September 2010

Some 330,000 Guatemalans will need food aid over the coming months, just to be able to subsist, according to a new United Nations study. “It is a challenge for the country and the international community that we must confront,” UN World Food Programme (WFP) representative Willem van Milink said yesterday of the small Central American nation, which has recently been swept by torrential rains, floods, deadly landslides and a volcanic eruption.

11 September 2010

Two months of torrential downpour in Guatemala have severely damaged the country's food supplies. Corn and maize crops have been destroyed, and more than 100,000 people now rely on emergency food rations of cooking oil, beans, and soy flour. Overflowing rivers have also contaminated wells, making drinking water scarce.

4 June 2010

The number of Guatemalans going hungry is set to rise as the Central American nation faces more food shortages after devastating floods washed away crops, aid agencies say.(..)In recent years, the country has relied on international food aid to stave off hunger, including a U.N. WFP scheme that feeds 350,000 Guatemalans.(..)"The lean months are always especially risky," said WFP spokesman Alejandro Lopez-Chicheri. "The last harvest in Guatemala was not ideal and during the past months many families have already used up all their food stocks."