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This Budget Revision will extend the project in time to 30 June, 2014 to complete activities under the Capacity Development and Augmentation (CDA) without any changes in objectives, operational strategies, modalities or implementation arrangements. This is an extension at no cost because this year the project did not have food plan and there is a contribution already committed to complete activities related to the rehabilitation of Santiago de Cuba port.

Hurricane Sandy severely affected the eastern region of Cuba in October 2012. Despite preparedness measures taken by the Government of Cuba as part of its emergency preparedness and response plans, 11 people died and 2.59 million people were adversely affected by flooding and strong winds caused by Hurricane Sandy in eastern Cuba. At least half of the affected population suffered loss or damage to housing and are at risk of food and water shortages. 

Food security is a priority area in rehabilitation efforts, reflecting the magnitude of the losses in this sector which include widespread damage to food storage facilities. In addition to major crop losses in eastern Cuba, where the hurricane made a direct hit, subsequent flooding in the central regions compounded food losses, reducing the ability of the Government to cope with the emergency using its own resources. WFP launched an immediate response emergency operation of US$1 million to assist 788,000 people in the most affected municipalities of Santiago de Cuba province with a one-month food ration during the period December 2012 to February 2013.
WFP verified the damage to the province of Santiago de Cuba caused by the hurricane and its impact on food security, confirming the need for emergency food assistance until agricultural infrastructure and production recover to pre-hurricane levels.

Overall, this  emergency operation will assist 560,000 people over a seven-month period, including 500,000 vulnerable people through general food distributions and over 60,000 school children through the national school feeding programme.

The objective of this operation is to protect livelihoods and prevent the deterioration in the food securityof people affected by Hurricane Sandy in the provinces of Santiago de Cuba, Guantánamo, and Holguín provinces. In addition, WFP will support the rehabilitation of the port in Santiago de Cuba as well as the recovery of food storage capacities in the three provinces. The project is in line with WFP’s Strategic Objective 1 (“Save lives and protect livelihoods in emergencies”) and addresses Millennium Development Goals 1 and 5. This operation is part of a Plan of Action formulated by the United Nations to support the Government’s immediate response to the crisis.

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