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Canadian Ambassador visits WFP project in Guantanamo

Canadian Ambassador in Cuba visits WFP pilot project focused on food security and nutrition of children, pregnant women and the elderly. This project, funded by the Government of Canada, began in March 2014 and is benefitting over 61,000 people in the municipalities of Niceto Perez and El Salvador (Guantanamo province), and Union de Reyes (Matanzas province).


Cuba, with a population of 11 million people, imports 70 to 80% of its domestic food requirements. Its economic model is being updated to improve efficiency and sustainability, guided by the principle that no Cuban will be left unprotected. Climate hazards, poor dietary diversity and practices and low agriculture productivity represent a challenge to national food security. In 2015, WFP launched a four-year Country Programme to support national efforts to strengthen food-based safety nets for vulnerable groups and promote food and nutrition security. en español

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