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25 May 2015

The Food Security Analysis factsheet provides key information on the various aspects of Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping work at WFP, the different assessment tools, specific initiatives and key facts for 2015.

Crop and Food Assessments, Food Security Analysis
28 October 2014

À la demande du Gouvernement de la République Centrafricaine une mission conjointe FAO/PAM s’est déroulée sur le terrain du 10 août au 13 septembre 2014 pour estimer le niveau des récoltes et évaluer la situation alimentaire générale. En plus du personnel de la FAO et du PAM, les équipes de terrain ont compris des représentants du Ministère du Développement Rural, l’Institut Centrafricain des Statistiques et d’Etudes Economiques et Sociales, et 7 ONG nationales et internationales (World Vision, JUPEDEC, AIEC, COOPI, NDA, COHEB, Solidarités).

Crop and Food Assessments, Food Security Analysis
7 April 2014

Central African Republic (CAR) is experiencing an unprecedented crisis in terms of both magnitude and intensity following the destabilization of the former regime in December 2012 and subsequent takeover by the rebel Séléka coalition in March 2013. The country has moved from a protracted crisis, characterized by chronic underdevelopment and localized emergency situations to an acute and complex emergency affecting almost the entire population. In December 2013, an unprecedented surge in violence and chaos in the capital Bangui and several provinces around the country, mainly in Ouham and Ouham Pende in the North-West, exacerbated this situation. Today, CAR is on the brink of total economic and social collapse resulting in severe national and potentially regional repercussions.

To better understand the current food security situation, an FAO/WFP Mission visited CAR from 3 to 11 March 2014. The Mission aimed to assess the impact of the wider economic disruptions on the food sector. More specifically, the Mission focused on: how the crisis has impacted commercial food supplies (supply side); the purchasing power of the population, particularly of those who do not have access to food assistance (demand side); and the potential short to medium term mitigation measures that the international community could employ.