Hunger in the news

10 April 2012

A high-level delegation from LG in South Korea recently visited Prey Veng Province in Cambodia to witness the impact of their three-year support to the communities participating in WFP’s Food-for-Assets programs. The delegation was led by Young-Kee Kim, Executive Vice-President and Chief Relations Officer of the LG Group and their Corporate Social Responsibility Team accompanied by Monica Marshall, WFP Global Head of Private Partnerships and Edith Heines, WFP Cambodia Deputy Country Director.

4 November 2011

The World Food Program appealed Friday for food aid for Cambodian flood victims, saying that with the price of rice of the rise, the poorest households face the prospect of not having enough to eat.

26 October 2011

Para Hunzai of the UN World Food Programme (WFP) recently reported on the massive flooding taking place in Cambodia. Thousands of people have been displaced from their homes. Livelihoods have been lost as farm lands have been swept away. This crisis is taking a great toll on the many families in the country already living in poverty.

10 October 2011

The Mekong River and flash floods had killed at least 207 people and affected about 1.2 million people in 19 inundated cities and provinces in Cambodia, Nhim Vanda, the first vice president of the National Committee for Disaster Management, said on Monday in a press briefing. (..) He said that China, Japan, World Food Program, and a number of local and international organizations have also provided emergency relief to the flood victims.

30 May 2011

MORE than 700 people showed up yesterday morning at East Coast Park for a 2km walk which culminated in a fair, and they helped to raise over $80,000 for underprivileged children in Cambodia. The Walk The World event, held annually by express-delivery company TNT, consumer-goods company Unilever and global science-based company DSM, was organised in partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP).

11 May 2011

The governments of Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay are drafting laws to curb acquisition by foreigners of extensive tracts of their fertile agricultural land. (..) The study says Cambodia, which receives aid from the World Food Programme, has leased rice fields in Qatar and Kuwait, while Uganda has granted concessions on its wheat and maize fields to Egypt, and interested parties from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are making approaches to the Philippines.

9 December 2010

Every night, in one of Cambodia’s many open air restaurants, beer girls walk between tables of customers, topping up glasses and adding the huge chunks of ice Cambodians insist is dropped in their beer. (..) here are already several projects underway. LG Electronics recently announced a three-year partnership to support work by the UN World Food Programme in Cambodia to aid road links between markets and schools, and the World Health Organisation is supporting its national counterpart in working with the private sector to make anti-malarial drugs affordable to all Cambodians.

28 October 2010

Josette Sheeran, executive director of the Rome-based World Food Program (WFP), said on the eve of her visit to China that China's success in beating hunger gives hope for the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs). Sheeran will leave for China on Thursday as part of an Asian trip scheduled to include stops in Japan, South Korea, and the DPRK.

29 July 2009

Fearing with the continued impact by global economic crisis, the government of Germany has provided another 1.3 million euros (approximately 1.8 million U.S. dollars) to Cambodia and Laos to fight against hunger. (..) German embassy in Phnom Penh said (..) the fund was donated through the United Nations agency, World Food Program for its operation in this country.

19 February 2009

A recent government survey has found that the rising cost of food has halted improvements in child health and nutrition in Cambodia, English-Khmer language newspaper the Cambodia Daily said on Thursday. The percentage of children under 5 found to be "acutely malnourished" has grown in recent years, the paper quoted the Cambodian Anthropometrics Survey, which was issued this week by the government's National Institute of Statistics, as saying. According to the findings, 8.4 percent of children under 5 were acutely malnourished in 2005, but the number rose to 8.9 percent last year. The report also showed a jump since 2005 in the number of young children suffering from ailments such as diarrhea, fever and respiratory infections. "If these numbers turn out to be true, this is a very serious situation and all stakeholders involved (in food security) should take action soon," the World Food Program's recently appointed Country Representative Jean-Pierre De Margerie said.